Apple iPhone 12 Design Leaks.

Apple iPhone 12 Design Leaks.


Apple iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max were the latest smartphones before Apple introduce iPhone SE 2 this year(2020). iPhone SE also got the features and hardware in the iPhone 11. So, still, we can say the iPhone 11 smartphone series is at the top of the iPhone list.

However, now Apple is planning to release its new iPhone. They will name it as iPhone 12. So, anyone would be like to know the design of the upcoming iPhone 12. Some information about the upcoming iPhone 12 is revealed by the rumors.

iPhone 12 design

According to the reports, Apple iPhone 12 will support 5G Networking. The iPhone 12 will be the first Apple smartphone that supports 5G Networking.  iPhone 12 will be designed with a small notch display. Apple will add an in-screen Touch ID to this iPhone 12.

According to the rumors, iPhone 12 will come in four models. Except for two iPhone 12 devices and the other two will be iPhone 12 pro devices. The two iPhone 12 models will have 5.4 and 6.1 displays. Two iPhone pro models will have 6.1 and 6.7 displays. The rumors reveal that the iPhone 12 will come with OLED displays.  

Apple iPhone 12 Camera Concept.

Apple iphone 12 camera

iPhone 12 will feature a quad-camera setup on its back. Apple will add a LiDAR to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But we still can’t say about the camera setup of the iPhone 12 . Because the camera arrangements still aren’t final. 

Apple iPhone 12 Design.

Iphone 12 design

According to the reports, it says iPhone 12 has finished designing about 70%. But there is some work still to be done with the notch and the camera setup of the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 will have significantly thinner bezels around the screen. The bezels will around 0.9 and the notch will be smaller than the previous iPhone X. The body of the iPhone 12 will be slightly tall and wide.

iPhone 12

We can’t say a release date of the iPhone 12 because of the COVID 19 pandemic these days. But we expect Apple will release its new iPhone 12 in October or November this year (2020).

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