Best cheap wireless headphones in 2020

Best cheap wireless headphones in 2020

When it comes to cheap wireless headphones, people like to assume that cost equals quality. It’s an unfair assumption, especially since there is a wide variety of budget models capable of delivering across multiple verticals: including battery life, comfort and, most importantly, sound quality.

Back in the days, options in this price range were limited to in-ear and on-ear headphones. How the times have changed. Perform a quick Google search for cheap wireless headphones under $100 and you’ll be met with hundreds of results across several categories. We’re talking everything from noise-canceling headphones to sports headphones to even true wireless earbuds. And not just from unknown brands based out in China. You’ll also stumble upon headphones from several major audio brands including Sennheiser, Jaybird, and Samsung, just to name a few.

You’ve done enough online shopping to know that browsing through this price point can be a nightmare. Hence why you’ve come here to help narrow down your choices and seek out top expert recommendations. And we have some amazing, underrated selections that will encourage you to add a few of these to your virtual shopping cart.

From Amazon best sellers to critical darlings, we snatched up some of the most popular offerings that fall under $100 and tested each one to find the best cheap wireless headphones for you.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

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