Google is trying to make Camera Apps Work on every phone.

Google is trying to make Camera Apps Work on every phone.

Google is trying to build camera apps that will work on every phone. But it is not going to work because it needs manufacturers’ support.

There is an opinion among people that android phones have bad cameras. But that is not true. There are phones from companies like SAMSUNG and HUAWEI that have a good camera. In Google Pixel Series phones have absolutely good camera. Most android phones haven’t good camera apps because for that reason there is an opinion about people that all android phones have bad cameras.

Most of the time you are not using the stock camera app that comes in your phone. Maybe you want to control things like exposure and shutter speed, use camera filters that your phone’s camera app doesn’t give to you. So you trend to use third-party camera apps as an example maybe you like to use Instagram’s camera app and its features.

Google’s solution is CameraX Jetpack Library. That is a software library that developers can build a camera app that has all features of android’s camera. It isn’t a part of Android, it is free and easy to use add on that can use everyone.


There is a problem.

The phone companies have to expose phones android camera Api So, CameraX Jetpack can use them. But they are not going to do that. While developers can build a camera app that works in every phone manufactures are not going to working with it.

Phone makers of phone companies that have a great camera app don’t want to share anything about their app. So it is a big problem for developers.

Gcam Modes

This is not going to succeed until manufactures give their support to this project.

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