How to Install Custom Recovery in any device: Installing Twrp.

How to Install Custom Recovery in any device: Installing Twrp.

What Is A Custom Recovery?

A smartphone is made with a recovery environment. The recovery software can be used to perform a factory reset. But the recovery software which is pre-installed on your device doesn’t allow you to install custom ROMs or get root permissions.

Custom recovery allows you to flash custom ROMs and do customizations of on device that doesn’t allow to do. For example, Rooting your phone and installing modules.

Before you root or install custom rom on your device you have to install a custom recovery.

What Is A Custom Rom?

The android system which is pre-installed on your device it is called ‘Stock Rom’. The stock ROM gives you fewer functions on your device. But the developers build custom ROMs for our device. You can use a custom ROM to unlock extra functions on your device. Custom Roms increase Device’s Performance. A lot of custom ROMs give you functions that haven’t enable on stock ROM.For Example: In custom ROMs, you can edit anything like themes, navigation bar designs. Developers add a lot of functions to the custom ROMs than the stock ROM. That’s Why a lot of people use Custom Roms in the present.

List Of Custom Roms

  • TWRP Recovery
  • Clock Work MOD recovery(CWM)
  • Orange fox Recovery
  • Pitch Back Recovery


  • Android phone
  • PC
  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • Adb fastboot drivers
  • Twrp.img for your device.
  • 50%battery


Making All things Ready

First download Adb fastboot drivers and install in your pc.

  • You can follow this tutorial:
  • Then download Twrp recovery for your device:
  • Copy the Twrp.img to your Adb fastboot folder.(If you installed Minimal Adb fastboot drivers you can find that folder in C: program files86Minimal and Adb fastboot)
  • Then open CMD on your pc and type  cd (Your ADB fastboot folder location here)
  • Then you can see cmd’s location changes to your fastboot folder’s location.

Flashing Recovery

  • Then power off your phone and put it into fastboot mode by pressing the volume down and power button.
  •  In cmd Type “Fastboot devices”
  • Your phone will be detected in cmd as following.
Flash Recovery
  • Then type in cmd ” Fastboot flash recovery (copy and paste your recovery name).img
  • Then flash will be processed as below.
  • After flashing done type Fastboot OEM reboot-recovery command to boot the phone to recovery mode.
  • You can boot the phone into recovery mode by pressing the volume up button and power button.
  • Installing Custom recovery successful  so,now you can flash anything you want.

If you are facing problems while installing a custom recovery CONTACT US immediately. We will help you Through a Teamviewer.

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