New Galaxy Buds Beans Design: Leaked

New Galaxy Buds Beans Design: Leaked

Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds are wireless earbuds that introduced by Samsung. Samsung introduced Galaxy Buds in the previous year(2019). Galaxy Buds are very attractive. However, using Galaxy Buds has become a trend all over the world. Samsung launched Galaxy Buds for $149 making them slightly cheaper than Apple Airpods. Let’s see the features of previously released Galaxy Buds.

Features Of Galaxy Buds

  • Comfortable 
  • Stylish
  • Easy to pair and Easy to use
  • Power Bass
Galaxy BUDS
Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds 2 (Beans Galaxy Buds)

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Will look a lot different than earlier Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Pro. According to new reports Galaxy Buds 2, Will look like kidney beans. It will fit more snugly in ears.

According to¬† Winfuture Website’s report Samsung Buds, 2 will measure roughly about 2.8cm. The design of the Samsung Buds 2 design looks like a hearing aid rather than wireless earbuds we have seen before.

The upper part of Samsung buds 2 will fit in earcup and lower part will rest in the ear canal. We have no idea how the design will improve audio enhancements and experience in earbuds. There are no details that have revealed about the battery capacity.

Samsung Buds 2 will also have microphone to taking calls.

Galaxy Beans Buds

Samsung Buds 2 is at the early stage of testing So, the design can be changed near the launching event. According to reports Samsung Buds 2 ‘Beans’ will launch with Galaxy Note 20 at the end of this year.

Bean buds in ear
Bean buds in Ear

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